Toe Nail Correction Tool

Toe Nail Correction Tool

Toe Nail Correction Introduction

Please experience the surprising outcome that can happen right in in front of you this gadget is design for safety and easy use made available for everyone who are suffering from pain of in growth nails only thing you need to do is hook and lift up both sides of your nail in case pain is too tough to hook try starting from soaking your foot in warm water soak in warm water for approximately 20 minutes the force spring will gradually straighten your nail as your nail gets softer while soaking in warm water for those who couldn’t find effective method to manage the pain from in growth nails this the moment of miracle made possible by innovative method that have totally changed in growth nail treatment at last by drying your nail with a hair dryer your nail will be back in the original hardness and both sides will be kept in it’s height how surprising you can experience this magic right away with this tool. 
Toe Nail Correction Tool

Toe Nail Correction Features And Benefits 

  • 100% branded new and High quality
  • Use one hand hold the middle fulcrum of the tool, twisting the nut to fix the tool on the toenail with the other hand
  • Toe nails,hands and tools disinfection beforehand
  • Select the right size for the corresponding toenail
  • A set manicure tool for ingrown toenail, include all ingrown toenail

Toe Nail Correction Price

For International

$7.99 USD

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For India

1,537 Rupee


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