Sitpack 2.0 Compact Lightweight Folding Chair

Sitpack 2.0 Compact Lightweight Folding Chair

Sitpack Introduction

This sitpack has designed by aluminum materials which are quite strong and as well as light weighted so that you can carry this anywhere even in your pocket the purpose of making sitpack zan is that, when we sit on normal chairs,

Sitpack 2.0 Compact Lightweight Folding Chair

then in some time we get tired and our blood doesn’t flow well because of this our body and mind doesn’t works well so the purpose of creating sitpack zan is that ; when you will sit on this char neither you will get tired as well as well as your blood will flow well and with blood following our body will get a perfect shape using this is so quite easy  open pull twist and enjoy your picnic visit fishing or where ever you are. 
Sitpack 2.0 Compact Lightweight Folding ChairSitpack 2.0 Compact Lightweight Folding Chair

Sitpack Features And Benefits 

  • YOU SPOKE, WE LISTENED! - By reviewing previous feedback, we discovered a desire for a more comfortable & durable sitting experience. To answer your prayers, a Sitpack now comes with a Premium Neoprene Cover that both function as seat cushion & carry strap. Also find two extra Anti-Slip Sitpack Feet (assorted colors) in YOUR next order!
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY SIZE - When folded, our portable seat measures only 2.75" wide & 6.75" high and weighs in at a petite 1.23 lbs - just about the same as a 50 cl can. With a built-in carry strap, you can forget about lugging heavy stools or chairs for all your outdoor adventures and music festivals.
  • AN ANYWHERE CHAIR – This portable stool fits easily into a backpack, stroller, carry-on or even your pocket. With an adjustable telescopic leg makes this foldable chair fit both adults & kids and provides you with a comfortable seat. Bring this compact resting device with you in the morning or just use it as office chair at your standing desk.
  • RELIEVE LEG & BACK PAIN – A light & compact seat designed to relieve back and leg aches, especially after walking or standing for hours. Whether you’re in a long line at the airport, stuck on the train, or spectating at a sporting event, this retractable, ergonomic, foldable stool provides relief while keeping your spine properly aligned and core engaged!
  • EASY TO USE - Never worry again about getting tired on your hike, theme park trip, sporting event, outdoor concert or tailgate party! Whenever you feel the need to sit down and rest your legs, just unfold the portable chair, release the telescopic leg mechanism to set the height, twist to lock, and you are all set!

Sitpack Price

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