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Window glass cleaning brush is a specialized tool designed to help clean and remove dirt, dust, and grime from window glass surfaces. It is typically designed with features that make it easier to reach and clean both the interior and exterior sides of windows. Here are some key features and aspects of a window glass cleaning brush: Double-Sided Design: Window glass cleaning brushes often have a double-sided design. One side typically features a scrubbing brush or bristles for agitating and loosening dirt and grime from the window surface. The other side usually has a rubber or microfiber squeegee for wiping away the water and achieving a streak-free finish. Extendable Handle: Many window glass cleaning brushes come with an extendable handle, allowing you to reach high or difficult-to-access windows without the need for a ladder or stool. The extendable handle can be adjusted to different lengths to accommodate various window heights. Removable and Washable Pads: Some window glass cleaning brushes have removable pads or covers that can be easily detached and washed. This feature allows you to keep the cleaning tool clean and hygienic for repeated use. Pivot or Swivel Head: A pivot or swivel head is a common feature of window glass cleaning brushes. It enables the brush head to rotate or move in different angles, making it easier to clean corners, edges, and irregularly shaped windows. Water Dispensing Feature: Certain window glass cleaning brushes incorporate a water dispensing mechanism, such as a built-in spray bottle or a water reservoir with a trigger. This feature allows you to apply water or a cleaning solution directly to the window surface, facilitating the cleaning process. Ergonomic Design: Window glass cleaning brushes are often designed with ergonomic handles, providing a comfortable grip and reducing strain on your hands and wrists during use. This design feature enhances user comfort and allows for more efficient cleaning. Versatility: While window glass cleaning brushes are primarily used for cleaning windows, they can also be used to clean other smooth glass surfaces, such as mirrors or glass tabletops.

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