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Non-slip furniture pads, also known as furniture grippers or furniture floor protectors, are adhesive or cushioned pads that are placed on the bottom of furniture legs or feet to prevent them from sliding, scratching, or damaging the floor. They provide stability and protect both the furniture and the floor surface. Here are some key features and aspects of non-slip furniture pads: Material: Non-slip furniture pads are typically made from materials such as rubber, silicone, felt, or foam. Rubber and silicone pads offer excellent grip and prevent furniture from slipping, while felt and foam pads provide cushioning and protect delicate floor surfaces. Adhesive Backing: Many non-slip furniture pads come with adhesive backing, making them easy to apply to furniture legs or feet. The adhesive ensures a secure attachment and prevents the pads from sliding or coming off. Size and Shape: Furniture pads are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different furniture types and sizes. They can be circular, square, or rectangular, and they come in different diameters or dimensions to match the size of furniture legs or feet. Thickness: The thickness of the pads determines the level of cushioning and protection they provide. Thicker pads are suitable for heavy furniture or furniture that is frequently moved, as they offer more stability and shock absorption. Floor Compatibility: Consider the type of flooring in your space when choosing non-slip furniture pads. Some pads are designed specifically for hardwood floors, while others are suitable for tile, laminate, vinyl, or carpeted floors. Make sure the pads you choose are compatible with your floor type to avoid any damage or marks. Noise Reduction: In addition to preventing furniture from slipping, some non-slip pads also help reduce noise caused by furniture movement. Felt or foam pads are particularly effective in dampening noise and preventing scratches on hard floors. Easy to Remove and Replace: Non-slip furniture pads should be easy to remove and replace when needed. Look for pads that can be removed without leaving residue or causing damage to the furniture or the floor surface.

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