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Say goodbye to the need for disposable bottle water. This automatic water pump can fill 0.3 – 1.8L bottles under 5 minutes with an electric pump, which will keep you guaranteed of continuous, fresh and clean drinking water. Bendable pipes and detailed smart tray design make it easy to be placed on almost any place in your kitchen or office. As long as you have an usb port close to you, it can also be used for other portable devices like cell phone/mp3/camera battery charger etc.. This USB Automatic Water Pump allow you to drink water conveniently. The pump is powered by USB cable, use it anywhere and anytime. It provides an easy and quick way to quench your thirst for hygiene and drinking water. The Portable Drinking Water Pump could be carry on the go, perfect for home office or car. You can take it with you to the beach or park picnic to have a cup of fresh water wherever you want!

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