Leather Waterproof Solid Color Tissue Box Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

What's a bathroom without a good tissue box? This leather-laminated waterproof tissue box will be a great addition to any room. Extra large in size, it's ideal for your family or guests. Made from thick and durable leather, this beautiful solid color tissue box is certain to last. Handmade durable solid color single fold tissue box with a simple design and waterproof. These are made from full grain leather which is one of the most durable types of leather and provides a better lasting quality. The perfect stylish solution to your tissue box needs!Small and practical, made of high quality leather. Enjoy more plumpness with this large tissue box! Perfect for family use at home or office, it can also be used as a decorative luxury item. With a simple style that allows you to keep tissues within reach at all times, this box is made to be resistant to strains, moisture, scratches and stains.

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