Rice Washing Drain Basket

Safe Material: Made of maternal grade PP material, the basket is non-toxic, odorless, healthy and environmentally. The hook handle has a protruding design, making it easy to hold. 5 Compartments Storage: The 5 compartments can be split, one compartment for one thing, convenient for sorting, storing and cleaning. practical and beautiful. Easy to take and clean. 360° Rotation: With the 360° rotating humanized design, the basket can be rotated and unloaded according to needs, convenient for multi-person dining and convenient hot pot use. Rapid Draining: Lift the drain basket to drain quickly. Hollow drain grid, not wet the countertop. It is convenient to clean fruits and vegetables, allow quick draining and easy cleaning. Delicious and Separated: With it, you can eat hot pot, fruit and meat at home. All kinds of delicacy are separated.

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