Tissue Box Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

 Tissue Box Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

1、Product information:Product specification: 26.7 *16.5 *10.3 cm (10.5 *6.5 *4 inches)length * width * height Product material: Thickened PP material Simple style and multi-functional tissue box, focusing on assisting the users to place necessary items in the appropriate area orderly.so as to achieve a comfortable visual experience of the area!

2. Product Design:-- Elegant appearance -- : The appearance of solid color series can greatly relieve users' visual fatigue.-- Reasonable compartment -- : Provides multiple areas to facilitate users put different items in order. -- Anti-slip and thickening -- : To allow users to place the products in different areas,the thoughtful thickened product base is anti-slip and wearable.

3. Product Use: We are dedicated to improving the user experience. In different areas, such as dresser, office table, sitting room table, bathroom counter top etc., there are some small items often used in dailly routime(Cosmetic, remote control, pen, scissors, etc.). Multi-function storage case can allow these items to be organized which is convenient for your daily use and let you say goodbye to the time you spend in looking for them and give you a clean and tidy table!

4. Product details: Wide mouthed design: smooth edge which will do no harm to hands and is convenient to take out items! Trapezoid design: right trapezoid design which is easy for users to take out items!Multi-zone design: multi-zone design can differentiate various items and enlarge the storage space!

5. Notes:In order to facilitate you to replace the withdrawable carton, we highly recommend the paper towel box in a size of 16.5 * 10.4cm (6.5 * 4 inches) in length * width. You only need to open the cover of bamboo withdrawable paper paper to replace it. This product is suitable for disassembling the tissue box and putting it in.The size of the product has been marked in the picture, please check it before purchase! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us!

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