Floor Scrub Brush Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

Floor Scrub Brush Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

HIGH QUALITY DECK BRUSH HEAD: This premium 10” deck brush head will change how you clean! It provides heavy-duty scrubbing power for rough and textured surfaces. It’s compatible across our entire cleaning system, allowing you to quickly and easily change cleaning tools with the push of a button.

VERSATILE: This rough surface deck brush can be used for rough and textured surfaces, including driveways, sidewalks, patios and decks. Plus, you can use one SWOPT handle with multiple SWOPT cleaning heads, saving storage space and much more!

YOUR HANDLE WILL NEVER TWIST LOOSE AGAIN: This deck brush head features Snap Lock Technology, which creates a secure, solid connection between head & handle, giving you a confident clean every time. It can easily be “SWOPT” with the push of a button, ensuring you never have to touch a dirty head again! Handle sold separately.

EASILY STAY ORGANIZED: Say goodbye to that closet full of brooms, mops, brushes, and every other cleaning tool you’ve collected over the years. The SWOPT interchangeable cleaning system makes the most of your space and helps you keep your closet neat and organized.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: For us, better means higher quality, finer craftsmanship and a commitment to thoughtful design. Our products are built to last, and we back them up with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured your cleaning tools will be effective for years to come.

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