Spectacles Cleaner Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

Spectacles Cleaner Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

CAUTION: “Not for use on Contact Lenses”

COATED LENSES, SCREENS and SPECIALIZED OPTICS: Do you have expensive eyeglasses with Seiko, Crizal or other premium coatings for Anti-glare, Anti-scratch, or Antifog? Did you buy a Canon, Nikon, or Sony DSLR Camera? You own an expensive touchscreen laptop, ipad or google slate with an oleophobic coating? You need to protect your tech! Stay away from cheap paper wipes or from grimy cloths. Cleaning with Optico's super soft wet wipe protects and prolongs the life of your optics.

PROTECT YOUR PROTECTION: Do you wear safety glasses or goggles for work or play? You need to them on and clean. Injuries occur when safety goggles and visors are removed. Safety masks, cycling glasses, motorcycle visors, goggles for skiing, snowboarding, racquetball, airsoft, paintball masks, lab face shields, fishing or hunting glasses, and other utility eyewear can be cleaned, kept free of scratching and protected with proper care can cleaning with Optico.

SAFE FOR USE ON ALL TYPES OF GLASSES: Brand name and prescription coated glasses can be easily damaged and by cleaning and improper handling. Optico has been developed to easily lift the and grease away from the surface and remove it with our soft and virtually lint-free non-woven material reducing wear and scratching caused by other cleaning methods. Optico customers have been cleaning prescription, performance sunglasses from more than a decade

COMPARE OPTICO: Developed to be the best lens cleaner and the best screen cleaner for your eyeglasses or mobile electronic device. We are confident that when you compare our lens cleaning wipe to the cloth that came with your eyeglasses, or the screen cleaning towel and spray that came with your ipad, iphone, chromebook or laptop computer you will see how our cleaning cloth is clearly a tool you need in your kit.

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