Sink Suction Cup Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

Sink Suction Cup Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

1.The toilet plunger suction cup is the perfect liquid plumber loosening machine tool, it has a strong suction force, and it can be cleaned by pushing down.

2.Easy to install, as long as the separate cups and plastic handles can be assembled with one click, it is easy to transport and carry, and the necessary pipeline toilet dredging tool for each family.

3.Comfortable handle is easy to use, long plastic handle, light weight, can provide a firm and comfortable grip. It is very convenient to use, just need to press down to clear the pipeline easily.

4.Durable, the handle of this product is made of 100% new plastic, which can be used for a long time, easy to clean and store, the suction cup is made of durable TPR rubber, will not damage your toilet, and is very suitable for commercial and residential use.

5.Size:16.5*10.5 *10cm;Color:blue.

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