Nutcracker Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

Nutcracker Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

【Distinguish Between Good And Bad Seeds】Sensitive switch, and open, convenient for users to use, light feedback, smooth use. Can distinguish between good and bad seeds. bad seeds will affect people's health.

【Protect Your Teeth & Avoid Damage】Often eat melon seeds, causing tooth damage, peeling melon artifact will effectively avoid damage and protect teeth.

【Sawtooth Design】:It can firmly clamp the goods not easy to fall off, can be better stressed, easily crumbled hard shell food.

【High Quality】 high hardness Material, super strong reinforcement, not easy to deformation.Sturdy structure and quality material, it won't break or deform in daily use.

【Super Convenient】Small size, ready to use in your pocket.

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