Handle Toilet Brush Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

Handle Toilet Brush Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

🚽【DURABLE & EFFICIENT BRUSH】With toilet brush head made by soft, flexible, sturdy and dense bristles ,toilet brush can 371°clean your toilet deeply and easily reach every part of it,such as the under- rim section.

🚽【 STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE】The handle of toilet brush is extended to 16.19 inch long and equipped with stainless steel. Much more efficiently and practically. What’s more, the lid always prevents your hands from the splashes when cleaning the toilet.

🚽【STABLE TOILET BRUSH HOLDER】Sealed toilet brush holder not only holds drips and avoids stains in your bathroom, but also toilet brush with larger bottom can stay firmly in grown.

CONSTRUCTION: Made from ABS and PP ,Flexible and durable .Doesn’t hurt to the toilet and capture dirt, never wears out or changes its shape, maintaining perfect cleaning .There's no metal to rust or bend in unfortunate ways, the handle is stiff and comfortable and durable.

DEEP CLEANING:Hemispherical brush head design for deep cleaning under the rim and other hard-to-reach places, No dead Angle brush head , More thorough cleaning , Will give you a clean toilet.

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