Foot Stickers Shoes Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

 Foot Stickers Shoes Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

👣MATERIAL: The foot sticker uses a specific hypoallergenic certified adhesive. It sticks to your bare feet easily, doesn't peel off and wash away easily by water. So whether you're at the beach or wearing them after a long night of partying, you can rest assured your Fun Feet won't ditch you.

👣PORTABLE: Fun Feet are lightweight and easy to take with you. They weigh less than a small book and take up practically no space. It will take up virtually no burden on your luggage. Great for home, outdoor sports, travel, beach and more!

👣COMFORTABLE: With Fun Feet, you can walk/run on roads and your foot bottom will remain cool and comfortable. A few other things we love using them for, running on the beach, hiking smooth rocks, swimming pools, spas, parks, and street safely.

👣ANTI-SLIP: Slipping by the pool is very common, with Fun Feet, the raised pattern greatly protects you from dangerous slips, at the same time there's no annoying interrupting cleaning or slippery when having fun You can wear it for free walking or running on the beach, by the pool, spa ground, grass, etc.

👣EASY TO USE: Make sure the feet are clean and dry. Simply peal Fun Feet and stick it on from toes to heel. The press firmly for a few seconds and you're finished.

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