Child Wash Hand Diverter Faucet Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

 Child Wash Hand Diverter Faucet Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

Faucet Extender Sink Handle Extender - made of soft and durable silicone, no harm to kids.Won't crack, fade or warp from enthusiastic usage.Easy to clean,The faucet extender bring water closer to kids to make hand washing easier,and with kids faucet,now the water stream from the faucet is reachable to toddlers without having to stand up on a place which is dangerous.

Build Great Habits - Designed to bring the water sources to little hands rether than making them reach, Easy to Reach Water, bring water closer for children to wash hands easily, helping kids develop good health habits and self-care ability, and will make you kids love hand wishing.

Easy to Install and Remove - No tools required! Simply take it out, Just compress the two sides of the extender and at the same time inward push down the baffle, and then it will be connected to the faucet. Pop it in just seconds on any faucet and watch the good habits start to form! Fits most sink faucets in bathroom, kitchen and etc.

Safe and Funny Design - The curved design of the extender makes the flow of the water centralized, water does not spill easily to wet clothes and can also help save water. Encourages good hygiene and products independences for ages 2 or older.Cute shapes and bright colors make your child more interested in hand washing.

The stretchy material means it can stretch over nearly all faucets in the bathroom or the kitchen. Protects your children from the sharp edges commonly found underneath most faucets.

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