bubble bra double ball Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

bubble bra double ball Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

【Environment friendly Material】Lack of chemicals which may harm the environment,The 2 ball is Small Solid.Improve washing greatly by scrubbing clothes, save water and energy,Help out with getting out dirt and stains.

【Keep the Bra Elastic】threaded design, the washing machine can also lock the laundry ball well when it is rotating at high speed.keeps foam lining and pads in place so they don’t get misshapen in the wash.the washing machine can also lock and when the laundry ball rotates at high speed.

【Well-Designed】A large hollow bra ball + a small dress massage ball, just put the underwear and small massage ball into the big bra ball, then put it into the washing machine.Make every use so simple and convenient.To provide attractive quality products, we always adhere to the goal.

【Prevents Clothing From Entanglement】Thread cutout design, stylish and washable bra without damage, protects the bra from being entangled and hooked.Extend bralife,can replace hand washing, save time and clean. Keep the curved hooks, the cups retain their shape, and the bra lasts longer and looks better.

【Perfect Dimensions】Launder bras ball Size: 17*13cm/6.69*5.12in,Suitable for ABC cups to avoid deformation of underwear products during the laundry process, Perfect for women on the go,The bra washing ball is pretty large, and can accommodate 2-3 bras, depending on whether they are padded or not.Suitable for all type of bras and bathing suits,also can be used as a suitcase travel bra protector.

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