SEETROËN - the First Glasses to Eliminate Motion Sickness

SEETROËN - the First Glasses to Eliminate Motion Sickness

 SEETROËN Introduction

So, friends sometimes we have to travel too much and we pass our time to use mobile i-pad or any other types of accessories but in the last obviously we suffer from motion sickness but that’s over now because in today we are going to discuss about a glasses which has made by too much struggles the first glasses that cure motion sickness now you will think that what is motion sickness the motion sickness is due to a difference in perception between sight and sense of balance SEETROEN glasses innovative with boarding ring technology.
SEETROËN - the First Glasses to Eliminate Motion Sickness

They are equipped with four rings inside the rings the colour liquid moves in the frontal direction left right but also sagittal front back to simulate an artificial horizon which allows the resynchronization of the side and inner ear in less than 10 minutes and in 95% of cases it’s for those who are above than 10 years old  now your kids can easily read  play or watch a film.
SEETROËN - the First Glasses to Eliminate Motion Sickness

 SEETROËN Features & Benefits

  • MATERIAL: The whole is made of high quality PC material, safe and non-toxic, durable, with super toughness and antioxidant capacity, you can use it with confidence.Small size, ultra-lightweight, travel can be carried around.
  • SHAKEABLE LIQUID: A blue liquid that allows the eye to feel an object moving again, slowing the movement of the ear to sense the movement of the object while the eye perceives the object's forbidden nerve.
  • USAGE: After 10 to 12 minutes of wearing, when you stare at a stationary object such as a phone or book, the glasses will re-synchronize the brain with the felt by the inner ear. You can then remove your glasses and enjoy the next journey.
  • THEORY: The liquid in the frame simulates the angle and move of the eye level, so that the move perceived by the eye will be consistent with the move perceived by the inner ear. Without signal conflict, there will naturally be no move sickness.
  • FULL PERFORMANCE: Anti-move sickness, folding and portable, no deformation, magnetic adsorption.The glasses don't have lenses, so you can wear it on the outside of your own glasses.Suitable for adults and children


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