GLAMOS | Touchless Screens

GLAMOS | Touchless Screens

 GLAMOS Introduction

So, guys we have used lots of remote controller that has multiple functionality, but some time it’s too hard to understand. Now I’m going show the amazing gadget that blow your mid. Because you can use it with touch any key or button. Just slide your hand and it will perfume a particular task for you.

GLAMOS | Touchless Screens

If we play games or use mobiles, or even if are giving presentation in your office so we have to work by our hands because of this often we forgets that where we were so don’t take tension because today we are going to see a smallest gadget which keeps too many features so yes by the help of this product we can do every thing without touching device it’s not a dream it’s reality so glamor bring this gadget for us it’s size is too small that you can keep this device in your pocket it will just connect by the reflection of your hand and then where you will move your hand it will go there When we play games in phone so it’s reflection go to our eyes and our phone also hang by games or these types of apps but by the help of this gadget you can play game sitting on sofa with your whole family using this device is so easy just connect Bluetooth by your i-pad and you can easily use phone 
GLAMOS | Touchless Screens

 GLAMOS Features & Benefits

Glamos is a motion sensor that creates a virtual touchscreen anywhere. Connect it with your device and turn your screens instantly interactive. Project an invisible touchscreen near you and control a device that’s far away from you. Most other sensors detect motions within a small range, Glamos automatically scales the size of the virtual touchscreen. The screen can be as small as your smartphone screen OR as big as 6 x 3 ft just like the one below. 


$119 USD


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