Digital kitchen Scale

Digital kitchen Scale

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If you are looking for kitchen gadget/utensil for your kitchen. So, I'm showing you an amazing kitchen gadget/utensil from The Eco Gadgets.  If you like then you can buy it right now.

 Digital kitchen Scale Introduction

So, guys now we have bored of simple gadgets it's 2020 so we should do something new something creative seeing this I found a mind-blowing gadget which will save your time,
Digital kitchen Scale

 and place as well as your kitchen will look smarter it's weight machine on which you can weight any smallest material or every biggest material just you will have to place your material here then click here and will tell the exact weight of your product even you can weight to keep your suitcase on this.

 Digital kitchen Scale Features & Benefits

  • ACCURA Digital Kitchen Scale 5.0 kg weighs with an accuracy of 1 g, suitable for general household use.
  • The large LCD display is easy to read even from a distance.
  • Digital scales ACCURA is dovažovací , allowing a gradual weighing more food on the desktop or in a suitable container.
  • The weighing glass made of durable glass is easy to keep perfectly clean.

Digital kitchen Scale

 Digital kitchen Scale Specification

  • comes with a battery
  • weighs in grams or pounds
  • switches off automatically after use, saving energy.
  • Material: Durable glass weighing surface with large LCD display.
  • Cleaning: Wipe the weighing surface with a damp cloth and dry.

Digital kitchen Scale Price

619 Kč


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