Delicia SiliconPrime | Dessert Silicon Cake Mold

Delicia SiliconPrime

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 Delicia SiliconPrime Introduction

So, guys as you are seeing this recipe it is looking too yummy too delicious yes it's cake but in a stylish shapes now as we are bored with simple recipe so it's for everyone who loves cake by the help of this product you can make your on creativity on cake.
Delicia SiliconPrime

It is very easy to use this firstly select which shape of cake you want then put the cake batter inside your chosen mold now keep this in oven too bake wait for some time and when you thinks that that your cake has backed put this outside and remove the cake from the mold and for giving this a better presentation put sugar powder you will get four different shapes of mold.
Delicia SiliconPrime

 Delicia SiliconPrime Features & Benefits

SiliconPRIME is a range of silicone baking moulds that will help you bake all kinds of desserts with simple or intricate shapes, and extract them easily, thanks to the flexible material. All moulds are space saving, you can fold, roll or twist them in the drawers and they will get back to their original shape. Cakes, loafs, bundt cakes, madeleines… choose your mould and start baking!

Delicia SiliconPrime Price

$18.90 USD


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