9 Amazing New Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon or Online

Today I will discuss about such products which not only are enjoyable but also these very important for you as well as it will help you to work because of this not only you will done your work soon but also your work will creative so without wasting your more time let’s get started.

1: DoubleTake

So friends if you are a traveler so you you always have to carry too many things with you in which there also can be a binocular but today i will show you a high tech binocular in our traditional binocular we have to look lens at a fix point to zoom but in this digital binocular you will find a 5 inch LCD by the help of this you can easily zoom in or zoom out and you can zoom up-to 10x times and interested thing about the binocular is that by the help of this binocular you can capture 4k high quality pics and videos and as well as connecting this with your phone you can share this with your friends.

9 Amazing New Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon or Online

by: Nexoptic
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2: 6-in-1 Dual Optics Lens

It's an amazing gadget for i phone users so it's name is 6 in 1 lens
it has three features almost it is lightweight portable and the one and last it is affordable the 1st one camera of the lens is 120 wide angle and the second one is 2x telephoto if we see the 3rd lens so it's 10x macro and the 4th one is 20z super macro if we see further then 5th is 180 fish eye and the last one is 2x telephoto
actually photos are taken with switch 6 180 fish eye
2z telephoto get twice as close to your subject
wide angle lens capture more in your shot
10x macro lens for incredible close-up photography
20x super macro lens to see extra ordinary details.

9 Amazing New Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon or Online

by: Ztylus
ebay.com $35.99
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3: Compact Laser Engraver Machine

Do you want your life more unique?
Laser pecker will be a good choice with this laser engraver you can create any type of cartoon picture sketch or any thing you want it’s size is small so that you can carry this anywhere any time using this engraver is so easy just connect your phone with the laser engraver and select a photo now let the engraver to engrave your picture you can engrave on craft paper leather felt wood it will look amazing. 

9 Amazing New Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon or Online

by: LaserPecker
amazon.com $299.00
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4: Razor Jetts DLX Heel Wheels

So friens sometimes we want fun in our life and when we talk about fun so it’s an amazing and about the product which we are going to discuss these are Razor Jetts DLX Heel Wheels using these shoes is so easy
Simply step into the heel wheel and tighten the strap and you’re ready to blast off.

Razor’s light-up LED, urethane wheels deliver a smooth, colorful ride, while the removable and replaceable spark pads make it easy to keep the sparks flying on every ride.

9 Amazing New Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon or Online

by: Razor
amazon.com $21.87
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5: Tile Mate - Anything Finder

Meet tile mate the small the small powerful companion that helps you to find your things the tile mate is designed to hold in your keys you can also keep in your purse or you can also stick the tile mate in your bike when your things get lost the tile mate help you to find your things by the ring of the tile mate you can quickly find your remote control if your phone has lost just press the of your tile mate it will ring even on silent and if your is missing tile mate still can help you to find it just press the button of notify then if any person comes in range of your missing bike the tile mate will alert you about the exact location of your missing bike tile mate the simplest and the easiest way to find your things buy tile mate today and never worry about missing something. 

by: Tile
amazon.com $16.99
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6: TopGo _ Universal Cup Holder Phone Mount

Keep your phone handy when you are at the wheel using the cup holder phone mount is so easy your cup holder is now your phone holder it’s grip is so secure neck is flexible and even you can rotate this into 360 degrees it will also easy to remove your phone from the holder. 

9 Amazing New Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon or Online

by: TopGo
amazon.com $24.99
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7: RapidX X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports 

This is the rapidx x5 and x1 two high speed car chargers the x5 charger upto 5 devices and delivers the fastest charge possible Simply clip the USB hub extension onto your car seat pocket it can charge twice as fast this cable can easily extend to the back seat it can charge your phone tablet or your hand gaming device at once with x5 charger everybody can easily charge their devices if your using the x1 charger cable then it will charge your single phone with the speed of twice whether your are need to charge a single device or the group of devices the rapidx will be with you forever .

by: RapidX
amazon.com | $27.49
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8: Halospheres: The Desktop Toy

This is a toy with amazing shape but no one feel that it’s a toy but also when it will be in your table then peoples will think that it’s an important product of your office or it’s very important for, they can also ask to you that what’s is this product for
So yes this product is only a toy whenever you are getting bore or got tired and you want to fresh your mind then you can play with this
Just spin the desk toy then by the help of the straw blow air to this now you also can see that that it’s light looking amazing and beautiful and it’s color is also beautiful because of this, this product is looking too beautiful. 

9 Amazing New Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon or Online

by: Hedra
kickstarter.com $32
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9: Evo GoCam

the world’s first camera which you can remove from the phone that’s always fit in you phone also so you have when you need the camera the back of the camera has made-up with the macrosection tape which means that stick it any where any time evo sinks with phone with an enternal wifi chip just connect with your phone and your memorable moments.

9 Amazing New Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon or Online

by: Evo
indiegogo.com $99  
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