3D Pancake Printer For Your Kitchen

3D Pancake Printer For Your Kitchen

 3D Pancake Printer Introduction

So, guys if you like the pancake which you make at your home, but you they keep just few boring shapes. So now guys I’m showing you 3d pancake printer.
3D Pancake Printer For Your Kitchen

If you want to make your pancake of your own design shape then firstly make the design in the software that you will get and the software is compatible with Windows and Mac Operating system.
There are lots of option, but also you can simply use your SD card and select the predefined images that you want to print, and it will take some time.

And now here’s your own designed pancake Delicious.

 3D Pancake Printer Features

This is the flapjack maker that operates like a 3D printer to create fun breakfast food designs. Using a combination of compressed air pressure and vacuum suction, it reproduces drawings and designs on a 19 1/4" L x 10 1/4" W griddle by strategically dispensing one’s preferred batter. Free access to the vendor’s website enables a pancake Picasso to generate custom creations, while providing less artistically inclined chefs with an online library of popular characters, symbols, and logos.

3D Pancake Printer For Your Kitchen

The selected image is downloaded onto the included SD card and transferred to the printer. Additional controls enable one to adjust the batter dispensing for finer detailing of complex images. Includes removable griddle, batter container, and SD card. Software compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Plugs into AC. 28 3/4" L x 17 1/2" D x 13 1/2" H. (13 3/4 lbs.)

 3D Pancake Printer Price

$299.95 USD

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