3 New Tech Gadgets You Need to See In 2018

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Today in this video I’ll show you 3 amazing  gadgets that you can easily buy from online websites.
These All gadgets will make your life more easy and interesting. And if you want to get complete detail of these products watch this video till the end. Hope it’ll be great for you.

So, let’s get started.

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01 Wickedbone

Friends most of people have dog at their home, but It’s very difficult to play with dog due to your daily hard works. Without play or work, your dog will be bored.
Your dog needs exercise and your company.
And the best way to offer for your dog a fun.
So, I’m introducing wickedbone, It’s a smart gaming device in the shape of bone.
It’s very easy to use just download the wickedbone app and connect via Bluetooth.
And you can start playing with your dog.
In the app you will get the virtual joystick to control the device.
Wickedbone comes with 9 perester playing motion for making your dog more exiting.
And when you are busy to doing something important, then the interactive mode will be activated.
It’s a predefine Auto function mode for play with your dog. No need to focus on your dog.
It has a different types of touch mode that make the device original emotion. Like crazy, Angry, etc.

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02 Ovis

Most of the people like to travel, and they need the suitcase for their important things like: clothes, shoes, laptop, etc. But some time It’s difficult to carry the suitcase from one place to another,
Imagine if you just packing your suitcase, and suitcase automatically follow side-by-side of you.
So, I’m introducing Ovis,

It’s a 1st suitcase following by side. You can see the button at top of suitcase for connect.
Free your hand with Ovis.Everywhere you go, ovis will follow by your side and avoid the obstacle.

And the wheels of ovis will become omnidirectional, allowing a smooth roll on the ground and a buttery smooth luggage drag.

You can easily remove the battery by pressing the button and  go through security.  and it’s TSA Approved, & all Airline friendly.

Ovis comes with the SmartBand; when the distance between you and the suitcase becomes too large (>2m), the SmartBand alarm will notify you.

The favorite feature of Ovis is capable to charge all of your devices on the go. Free yourself from searching for outlets at the airport.

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03 Conzy pen

Conzy pen
Most of the people like to making drawings, and they use water colors, pencil colors, etc.
For making a professional drawing we need most of different color set, and we have over the 140 million colors in the real world. And it’s very difficult to make these combinations.
Just Imagine that you can have all the colors of the world in your pocket.
Now it’s possible
So, friends, I’m introducing Conzy pen,
it’s a Smart multi-color pen that you can scan and use all the existing color and shades in the world.
Just point the pen at any object and the ink color will be the same as the scanned object.
You can easily carry the cronzy pen anywhere, Due to it’s compact size, it will always be with you.
With this pen, you will be able to make notes or create colorful sketches. Just click on the application on your smartphone, choose any color you like and start writing or drawing. Cronzy also comes with various  tip sizes, allowing you to add greater versatility to your drawings and notes.

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