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3 Cool Tech Gadgets in 2018 - Best Tech Products You Need

Hello Friends,
Welcome back on Eco Gadgets,
Today in this video I’ll show you 3 amazing gadgets that you can easily buy from online websites.
These All gadgets will make your life easier and more interesting. And if you want to get complete detail of these products watch this video till the end. Hope it’s very helpful for you.

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01 Wunder360 S1

Wunder360 S1
Have you ever wondered if there’s a camera that can capture every magical moment in your life so you can relive those precious moments again and again?
So, Introducing the Wunder360 S1, a compact camera that captures everything in 360 view. Just go back in time and change your point of view to see that treasure for yourself.
IT’s very helpful for vloggers to make videos, it’s very easy to use you can just pair with your smart phone and start recording.
Wunder360 cloud service helps you turn your 360 footage into high density 3D cloud point models or even a virtual tour website for your footage.
The impressive artificial intelligent features also make Wunder360 S1 a powerful camera with multi-functions. S1 works could capture amazing view no matter underwater or in the sky.
It’s compatible with all your GoPro Accessories.
You can capture 360 videos under the water up to 100 feet.
The Auto Stabilization is a great function for recording a speedy view.
And you can easily edit the video in your phone.

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02 Travis

Friends, Most of the people like to travel and go foreign countries and it’s very difficult to talk same one when they can’t understand your language.
So, I’m introducing Travis Touch Pocket Translator
Travis touch is a handheld device, Travis technology chooses the highest-ranking translation engine based on the language pair of your choice.  And it integrating 16 translation engines (incl. IBM, Microsoft, Google). Travis Touch supports a maximum of 105 languages,
most of which in speech-to-speech translation. While some of the major languages can be used offline, an internet connection is needed to ensure the best translation.

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03 SoundFlux

Introducing KNZ® SoundFlux™, our Dual-Driver True Wireless Stereo Headphones provide a much wider dynamic range than all single driver headphones currently available on the market.  

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