New Kitchen Gadgets You Must Have | New Kitchen Gadgets On Amazon in 2018

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Welcome back on Future Kitchen Gadgets, Today I'll show you 10 New Kitchen Gadgets You Must Have. These gadgets are very helpful and make your life easier. You can use these gadgets easily in our daily life. Hope you like all of them,
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01 Dash Electric Mandoline

Dash Electric Mandoline
With the touch of a button, slice your fruits and veggies to the perfect cut using the Dash Electric Mandoline. Featuring 7 different blades for 7 different cuts including a julienne, fine julienne, thin slice, thick slice, extra thick slice, shredder, and cuber, the Dash Electric Mandoline is the perfect appliance whether you’re preparing healthy vegetarian zucchini noodles, or simply looking to spice up a plate with a decoration.

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02 PolyScience

The Sous Vide Professional CHEF Series sets the standard for Sous Vide cooking. The CHEF Series Immersion Circulator was developed to meet the requirements of the world's best chefs and to add a whole new dimension of control to your kitchen.

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03 Deluxe Ice Cream Maker

Deluxe Ice Cream Maker
July is National Ice Cream Month and a great time to make some of your own treats. Dash by Storebound has the products for you with their Deluxe Ice Cream Maker the Dash Shaved Ice Maker. These small appliances are not only attractive, but also very easy to use.

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04 Power gril PARTY TIME

Power gril PARTY TIME
Even with a compact grill, a magnificent party can be arranged. So with the right compact grill. The Power Grid PARTY TIME has its own elegant body hidden in a great mood: a powerful turbo fan.

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05 Express Electric Cooker Hot Pot 

Express Electric Cooker Hot Pot
Express Hot Pot Electric Tea Kettle Prepare up to 4 cups of cooked rice, reheat the hot soup, and boil water with the 1.1 Qt. Express Hot Pot Electric Tea Kettle.

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06 Mini Chopper Food Processor

Mini Chopper Food Processor
Chop, mix and more with this handy little food processor by DASH. Thanks to its two-blade knife, it chops and blends ingredients with ease so that you don't have to do it manually. With a chopping function and a pulsing function, it's great for preparing any recipe. When you're done, it stores away easily until you're ready to craft your next culinary creation.

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07 Mechanical brush

Mechanical brush
Easily and quickly removes crumbs and particles from the tablecloth, upholstery and the smooth surface of the table and kitchen unit. 3-year warranty.

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Excellent for pancakes, fritters and sunny side up eggs. With heart, star, flower and smiley motifs for preparing decorated pancakes and fritters. Suitable for frying pans ¤ 26 cm and more. Made of excellent heat-resistant silicone. Resistant up to 230 °C. Instructions for use with recipes enclosed. 3-year warranty.

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Excellent for preparing, storing and easily using frozen herbs. Ideal for basil, marjoram, balm, chives, parsley, coriander, thyme, dill, sage, etc. Made of resistant plastic. Dishwasher safe. 3-year warranty.

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Excellent for preparing passatelli, potato gnocchi, churros, doughnuts, filling, etc.Made of excellent resistant plastic. Dishwasher safe. Instructions for use with recipes enclosed. 3-year warranty.

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