12 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon Put to the Test

12 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon Put to the Test

Hello Friends,
We often need some gadgets in our kitchen which can help us to reduce our time in our work, so I'm going to introduce you 12 amazing and Helpful gadgets which would make your life easy. we can use these gadgets easily in our daily life. Hope you would like these amazing kitchen Gadgets.

01 Prep® Chef

Prep® Chef
Our popular chopper integrates with the Power Chef® System. Ideal for chopping herbs, nuts, garlic and small veggies. Great for small quantities of baby food. The easy-pull cord mechanism saves time and effort while eliminating the cost of expensive electricity. Plus, the Chop 'N Prep® Chef is small enough to store in the cupboard, drawer or pantry.

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02 Garlic Zoom

Garlic Zoom
Bigger body, bigger wheels, bigger blade, bigger garlic taste. The GarlicZoom XL™ is easier to roll, chops tons more garlic and is still a cinch to clean.

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03 Rotimatic

Rotimatic is the world's first fully integrated solution that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks, puffs and delights. All in one!

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04 Peanut Butter By Kuvings

Peanut Butter By Kuvings
The all new Kuvings Vacuum Blender offers the first Noise Reduced Vacuum Blender with all new features that will change your world of blending experience. Kuvings Vacuum Blender is designed to create fresh beverages in vacuum by removing air from the container before blending. 

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05 Dělená pánev i-PREMIUM

Dělená pánev i-PREMIUM
The pan is spacious , thanks to the partitions, the taste of up to 3 different dishes does not mix together. The i-PREMIUM has a high-grade, high-strength anti-adhesion coating and is suitable for metal turners.

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06 Exact™ Egg Boiler

Exact™ Egg Boiler
Perfect eggs every time! Our Exact™ Egg Boiler features a built in timer to indicate when your eggs are soft, medium or hard boiled. The retractable handle funnels cool water onto eggs to halt the cooking process.

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07 Plátkovací struhadlo na česnek HANDY

Plátkovací struhadlo na česnek HANDY
Cutting garlic with a knife on even slices requires practice, not everyone dares, few can do it. But you can use the excellent HANDY garlic slice grater.

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08 Fruits and vegetables DELLA CASSA

Fruits and vegetables DELLA CASSA

Excellent for preparing fruit and vegetable syrups, natural juices, jellies and jams at home. Suitable for all casseroles and deep pots with ø 24 cm covers and other cookware of the same size. Made of excellent resistant plastic. The flexible silicone tube for bottling has a closure. Instructions for use enclosed.

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09 Slice and Dice Garlic Presses

Slice and Dice Garlic Presses
The Slice and Dice garlic press makes it fast and easy to slice, dice or grate. It even stores garlic, leaving no odor on your hands.

10 Tenderizer na maso PRESIDENT

Tenderizer na maso PRESIDENT
Steak lovers, noticing! Introducing the Tenderizer for PRESIDENT meat of the highest quality, with a sophisticated design and new use . Thanks to sharp stainless steel blades and rolling motion, the meat is softened and soaked throughout its surface without having to knock it or otherwise distort its structure. Each bite is therefore juicy and brittle.

11 Šlehač na mléčnou pěnu PRESIDENT

Šlehač na mléčnou pěnu PRESIDENT
Excellent for the quick preparation of milk foam for cappuccino, latte, frappé, hot chocolate, etc. With a protective spiral shell for safe storage, made of high-grade stainless steel and durable plastic. Two AAA batteries are not included. 5 year warranty.

12 Šunkovar TESCOMA PRESTO, s teploměrem

Šunkovar TESCOMA PRESTO, s teploměrem
At home, the prepared ham contains only high quality meat of your choice, salt, a little sugar and water, or a loading salt mixture. No preservatives, flavor enhancers or stabilizers that contain industrially produced ham, you do not need it at home. It therefore has a much more natural taste, smell and texture, and of course it is healthier, so you can give it even worse to small children.

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