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Welcome back on Future Kitchen Gadgets, Today I'll show you 10 Mind Blasting Kitchen Gadgets That You Should Have in 2018. These gadgets are very helpful and make your life easier. You can use these gadgets easily in our daily life. Hope you like all of them, if you like then don't forgot subscribe our channel and press the bell icon for getting New upcoming videos.

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01 Dash Deluxe Ice Cream Maker

Dash Deluxe Ice Cream Maker
Whether you crave organic, non-dairy, sorbet, creamy sherbet or frozen yogurt, the Deluxe 1-Qt. Ice Cream Maker makes delicious ice cream and so much more. After freezing the bowl overnight, you can make the most delicious, creamy, homemade ice cream in just 20-40 minutes. Make your favorite flavors or invent new ones. With the ingredient spout, you can add mix-ins as you go and create a matcha made in Heaven that is mint to be. The 1 quart, double-walled insulated freezer bowl makes party-perfect ice cream and can be stored in your freezer for indulgent treats anytime.

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02 DASH Twin Pint Ice Cream Maker

ASH Twin Pint Ice Cream Maker
:  Maker Make ice cream in your very own kitchen with this Twin Pint Ice Cream Maker from DASH. Two separate freezer bowls let you make two different flavors or experiment with various mix-ins so you can prepare your dessert exactly to your taste. They're insulated, too, so they'll freeze ice cream quickly for a perfectly chilled treat. But it's not just for ice cream; it's great for sorbet and fro-yo, too! It sounds like dinner is definitely going to be followed by dessert. What You Get

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03 Ankarsrum Stand Mixers

Ankarsrum Stand Mixers
Continuous speed control and timer knobs
5 year manufacturer's warranty
Includes a dough roller, dough knife, dough scraper, dough hook, Dust cover lid, a double beater with a 3.5 liter plastic bowl, balloon and cookie whisks, and a seven liter mixing bowl
Mixes and kneads smooth, silky, elastic dough quickly
Stainless steel and red plastic construction.

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04 Cooks Professional Triple Slow Cooker

Cooks Professional Triple Slow Cooker
Featuring individual temperature control dials, this slow cooker comes with three removable pots and lids.

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05 Frying pan Tescoma

Frying pan Tescoma
Luxurious frying pan with unique crinkled non-stick coating and the properties of unpolished natural stone. Food does not overcook on the special structured surface of the frying pan, cooks evenly, preserves its natural taste and juiciness and can be prepared using only very little fat. Frying pan PRESIDENT is suitable for metal turners and is heat resistant. It can be used in baking ovens. Intended for all types of cookers including induction cookers.

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06 Syringe confectionery piston 

Syringe confectionery piston
Great for decorating cakes , desserts , sandwiches, canapes , etc .. 8  accessories for decoration  are stored in a practical container . A container with  attachments  can be stored inside the  syringe . Made of durable plastic and stainless steel .  It is possible to wash in a ndomoechnoy car.

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07 Andrew James 3 Mini Burger Press

Andrew James 3 Mini Burger Press
Make delicious burgers quickly and easily with the 3 Mini Burger Press. The burger press allows you to make 3 burgers simultaneously, so you can create tasty burgers for your barbeque or party in next to no time.

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08 Chef Press Ricer

Chef Press Ricer
The Chef Press uses the same foot as those products, so you can get the parts for the Ricer and/or Dicer it with or without the foot.

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Excellent for making original chocolate sweets and many other delicacies at home and in professional catering. Made of excellent flexible heat-resistant silicone; the chocolate product is not sticky and is easy to turn out. Comes with a practical stackable holder for saving space in use. Suitable for refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven and dishwasher. Recipes enclosed inside.

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10 OXO Good Grips Garlic Slicer

OXO Good Grips Garlic Slicer
Features: 100% Brand new and high quality! The Stainless Steel Onion Chopper Slicer is great for dicing and chopping onion/vegetable/garlic. Chop different vegetable easily and quickly.

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