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10 Best Amazing Kitchen Gadgets That You Mush have in 2018

10 Best Amazing Kitchen Gadgets That You Mush have in 2018

Hello Friends,
Welcome back on Future Kitchen Gadgets, Today I'll show you 10 Best Amazing Kitchen Gadgets That You Mush have in 2018. These gadgets are very helpful and make your life easier. You can use these gadgets easily in our daily life. Hope you like all of them,
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01 Lemon-Aid Citrus Spiralizer 

Lemon-Aid Citrus Spiralizer
This clever little gadget easily spiralizes citrus, fruits and vegetables. Perfect for garnishes, infusing your water, creative roasting or as a finishing touch on a variety of dishes and rinks.

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02 Tupperware - Speedy Chef 

Tupperware - Speedy Chef
The Speedy Chef is the complete whipping and whisking kitchen aid. It beats, whips and whisks cream, egg whites, pancakes, omelettes and mayonnaise faster and much quicker and quieter than an electrical beater.

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03 sanford roti maker

sanford roti maker
Non-stick coating plates for easy cleaning.
Brushed Stainless steel housing.
Stand upright for compact storage.
Power and ready light indicator.

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04 PancakeBot

The PancakeBot™ is the world’s first food printer capable of printing pancakes by automatically dispensing batter directly onto a griddle. Pancake designs can be loaded onto the PancakeBot™ via SD card. Users can make their own pancake designs with the included software or browse through our online community that is updated with fun, new designs every week.

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05 Imperia Pasta Machine, Silver

Imperia Pasta Machine, Silver
Homemade pasta is easy to prepare with this old-fashioned Italian-made machine, the same kind used in home kitchens throughout Italy. The optional attachment rolls, stuffs and crimps dough to make pillow-like ravioli.

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06 Twist'N Sprout™

Twist'N Sprout™
In the Chef’n kitchen we often find the smaller the tool, the bigger the punch. Prep sprouts in a snap with the compact Twist’n Sprout™ - simply press Brussels sprouts onto the tip of the tool and twist to remove core for a more evenly cooked vegetable.

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07 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
A good cup of coffee is not easy to come by, and if you are a lover of all that is coffee you are probably picky about your grinds.

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08 HANDY Poppy Grinder

HANDY Poppy Grinder
 A modern mill, with which it is easy to make the desired roughness not only poppy but also a number of other seeds.

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09 OXO One Stop Chop Manual Food Processor 

OXO One Stop Chop Manual Food Processor
Whip up anything from pesto to guacamole with the OXO One Stop Chop Manual Food Processor. The sharp blades cut through fruits, vegetables, nuts, and more. Whether you’re chopping tomatoes into larger chunks for salsa or puréeing chickpeas for hummus, the texture is up to you and how many times you turn the comfortable handle. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to impress your friends with your homemade creation.

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10 Set for juicing fruits and vegetables 

Set for juicing fruits and vegetables
Excellent for preparing fruit and vegetable syrups, natural juices, jellies and jams at home. Suitable for all casseroles and deep pots with ø 24 cm covers and other cookware of the same size. Made of excellent resistant plastic. The flexible silicone tube for bottling has a closure. Instructions for use enclosed.

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  1. I've been cooking for 60 years and still don't need any of these.